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We are a small family breeder based in Woodstock, Georgia, specializing in Goldendoodles since 2012. With a commitment to quality and care, we breed healthy, happy, and beautiful Goldendoodles that make wonderful companions. Our focus on superior health and genetics ensures that each puppy embodies the best traits of the breed. Discover the joy and companionship of a Goldendoodle from I Want A Doodle.


Our mission is to provide exceptional Goldendoodles that enrich the lives of families with their intelligence, loyalty, and loving nature. Our dedication extends beyond the initial adoption, as we offer ongoing support and guidance to our puppy owners, fostering lifelong relationships. With a deep passion for these amazing companions, we aim to contribute positively to the Goldendoodle community and help create countless joyful memories for families across generations.


We are a proud member of the Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA)

Our Blue Ribbon status with GANA is the highest award. Only breeders that provide proof of health clearances on all breeding dogs and have agreed to a Code of Ethics regarding their breeding practices are able to be a part of this association and ensure a breed standards for goldendoodles. All of our breeding dogs have had extensive genetic and health testing, including hips, heart, patella and eyes.


I Want A Doodle was voted one of the BEST Goldendoodle breeders in Georgia! We are so honored and this is a testament to our labor of love. As a small family breeder, we cherish the advantages that come with our intimate approach. With a limited number of litters, we can provide individualized attention and care to each and every puppy. Our small-scale operation allows us to focus on the well-being, socialization, and development of our dogs, ensuring they are raised in a loving and nurturing environment. We take great pride in breeding healthy, well-adjusted, and happy Goldendoodles that make wonderful companions for families. Choosing a puppy from a small family breeder like us means you can expect a personal and dedicated experience, as well as the assurance that your new furry family member has received the utmost love and care from day one.


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We prioritize the health and well-being of our moms, ensuring they receive the best care and attention. To enhance the genetic diversity and quality of our litters, we carefully select studs from other reputable breeders. By seeking studs from different sources, we aim to bring together the best traits and characteristics, resulting in healthy, well-rounded and consistently beautiful puppies. Our commitment to breeding practices that prioritize health and genetic diversity sets us apart as a trusted breeder.


Along with our public page, we have a private facebook page with tons of pictures and videos of our litters. This is where you will see all of our puppy pictures, videos and updates while they are here whelping. Additionally, our forever families post updates as the puppies grow! In order to be able to provide a safe place for us all to share, I will need to send you an invitation to our private Facebook page to join. Please email me at 

We also have other public platforms that you can view some of our puppies:

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Our puppies all come with the following:

 2 year health guarantee

Goldendoodle of North America registration

Vet health check record

Up-to-date vaccinations

Up-to-date dewormers


30 days free health insurance

Baxter and Bella at-home training program discount

Blanket with scent of mom and littermates

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