Current Puppies:

Clover/Tucker litter:

Due August 15 

Go home October 2020


🐾The puppies are mini-medium size with wavy coats

Upcoming Litters Available:

🐾Jade and Rocky are expecting a litter of medium size puppies on November 5th. They will be ready to go home late December. These puppies are estimated to be 30-60lbs with wavy coats.  

  1. ​Traci Z?

  2. Sippel

  3. Chohan-Mahmood

  4. Small




🐾Sunni (Clover's 22lb mini daughter) anticipates having her litter of mini's late winter, ready to go home late winter/early spring.

These puppies are estimated to be 20-40lbs with wavy coats.  

  1. ​Traci Z?

  2. Opsahl

  3. Rusnak

  4. Leigh

  5. Murray

  6. Macedo

  7. Patel

  1. Breeder Pick 
  2. Breeder Pick (Sullivan)
  3. Breeder Pick
  4. Vinci 
  5. Owens-Coolidge
  6. Radha   
  7. Chisholm
  8. Henry
  9. Thomas
  10. Shapiro
  11. Devane
  12. Hayes

*Breeder reserves the right to pick at least 2 puppies from each litter. Even if listed, it doesn't mean there will be a breeder's pick.

How to Reserve a Puppy

  1. Email me at regarding your interest. Please share your phone number so I can reach out to you to discuss.

  2. Once we have spoken and have mutually agreed that one of our puppies will be yours, a $300 non-refundable reservation deposit will be due to be placed on the list and will be put towards the cost of your puppy. Half the cost of the puppy is due once pregnancy has been confirmed.

  3. Around 5 weeks of age, you will get to see the puppies and select your new family member (or let them pick you)!  At that time the remaining balance is due to hold your puppy pick.

  4. Enjoy up-to-date pictures and videos each week!

  5. Pick up your puppy at 8 weeks old to go home.

What is included with your puppy:​

  • Licensed veterinarian care and health certificate with care record

  • Health Guarantee

  • At least one set of puppy shots 

  • Wormings at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age

  • Dewclaw removal

  • Microchipped

  • Puppy food that they are used to being fed

  • 30 days of pet insurance

  • Applicable registration papers

  • Pedigree and proof of health testing is available

  • Age appropriate crate training

  • Age appropriate potty training

  • Blanket that has the scent of the mom and siblings


Cost: $2800

*If you need your puppy to stay past the pick up day (8 weeks old), boarding is available for $30 a day. 

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